About this Webpage

Posted on March 7, 2009

The basic template is free and comes from Metamorphosis Design and is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. I have modified it and added content but kept the attribution to Metamorphosis per CCA3L.

I never use a web layout tool because I prefer to directly manipulate the XHTML, XML, CSS and Javascript myself. I use the Arachnophilia editor because it is easy to use, extensible, runs on any platform because it is all Java and recognizes all sorts of scripting languages. I stay away from creating anything with tools or languages that require specific support not available on the open web. I believe open information and development is the most robust way to produce just about anything.

I have 2 main sources of information that I call on regularly: 1) W3 Schools - this will teach you, very quickly, how to script anything you like for just about any purpose. 2) O'Reilly Books - I think these are the best references (Javascript: The Definitive Guide, HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, CSS: The Definitive Guide, Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, AJAX: The Definitive Guide).

About this Domain and Hosting

Posted on March 8, 2009

Years ago I bought my first domain through GoDaddy. There were many under-handed registrars back in those days and GoDaddy seemed to be a good value and a straight shooter when it came to terms and conditions. I have never had a reason to change my mind about GoDaddy and therefore continue to do business with them. I have at least 5 domains registered with GoDaddy at present.

I host my domains with Page-Zone. I started with them back when GoDaddy did not have very many options for hosting and Page-Zone had much to choose from. Similar to GoDaddy, Page-Zone has never given me a reason to leave and so I stick with them. I like their terms and conditions, tools and I get 5-nines availability all for a great price.

Tools & Sources

The links below are provided so you my find the tools and information I use to create my webpages and web-based tools. They are all free to use.

Wikipedia Overview

To get yourself oriented quickly in the ways of the web, read the following articles from Wikipedia. After that, use the tools, read and try everything at W3 Schools and then buy some books.


I registered and host my domain with the following providers.